DOVE E-Promises – Crowdsourced Community of Therapy-by-Chocolate

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This past week—post-Valentines Day weekend—a (married) coworker discreetly deposited two chocolate wrappers into my trashcan when visiting my cube.  While most reasonable people would ball up the foil before flicking it up, these two happened to be left unwrapped.  I was intrigued, seeing messages on the inside:

DOVE E-Promise 1DOVE E-Promise 2

I was curious what the source of the messages were.  Was this Maya Angelou?  E. L. James?  Shakespeare?  Of what source might other intellectual treasures behold the seeker of such wisdom?

After a quick search, I happened to stumble across what was the source data for Dove’s website, that was linked to the main interactive page for all of the Dove E-Promises messages displayed their wrappers.  What was fun about this discovery was that included in this data sheet was also a shortened name, as well as the city that the contributors had apparently submitted these messages from.  Armed with user data, I was excited to see what I could learn from this chocolate community.

Fast-Facts of DOVE E-Promises Campaign

1) 213 chocolate lovers responded to their call.

I have yet to find the original plea for responses by Dove, as there weren’t any relevant messages on either of Dove’s Facebook pages as far back as November 2014, as of mid-August their dedicated Dove Pinterest board already contained these messages, and while I didn’t find anything on their Twitter account either, I couldn’t imagine that a tweet would get that kind of response.

2) 28 states were represented.

While this state count is of unique users, one particular woman in Detroit contributed one full third of responses, a total of 78 messages!  I take it that she is a fan.

3) The top categories of messages were Inspiration, Indulgence, and Attitude.

DOVE E-Promise Contributor Themes

No surprise, chocolate lovers seek inspiration and a moment of indulgence.

There is no surprise that these chocolate lovers would reinforce their supportive community with sought-out inspiration and justified indulgence.  Still, what intrigues me the most is pairing the categories and messages to the regions from where they originated.  Do New Yorkers have different methods of chocolate therapy than their South Carolina cohorts?

What inferences can you deduce about women who love chocolate?  Play with the map, then leave a comment below with any thoughts you have.